75th Infantry Division (WWII)

Statistic Documents
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The division insignia consits of a red, white and blue field with a blue "7" and a red "5" superimposed. The insignia has no heraldic significance.

Activated15 Apr 43Ardennes
Arrived ETO20 Oct 44Rhineland
Arrived Continent (D-190)13 Dec 44Central Europe
Entered Combat:
First Elements:24 Dec 44
Entire Division:25 Dec 44
Days in Combat:94

Casualties (Tentative)
Battle Casualities:
Non.Battle Casualities:4062
Total Casualities:8016
Percent of T/O Strength56.9%

Individual Awards:

Legion of Merit3
Silver Star114
Soldiers Medal21
Bronce Star1287
Air Medal29
PW's taken:20630


289 Infantry (Reg) - 75th Reconnaissance Troop (Mecz)
290 Infantry (Reg) - 275th Engineer Combat Battalion
291 Infantry (Reg) - 375th Medical Battalion

75th Division Artillery
897 Field Artillery Battalion (105 Howitzer)
898 Field Artillery Battalion (105 Howitzer)
899 Field Artillery Battalion (105 Howitzer)
730 Field Artillery Battalion (105 Howitzer)

Special Troops
775th Ordnance Light Maintenance Company - Military Police Platoon
75th Quartermaster Company - Headquarters Company
575 Signal Company - Band

Occupation (290th Infantry Regiment)
On the 23rd of April, the 290th Infantry relieved the 5th Infantry Division, assuming the duties and responsibilities of occupying, administering and policing a large area in and around ISERLOHN (Westphalia, Germany). The care, feeding and expeditious evacuation of 90,000 Displaced Persons representing every subjugated country posed an appaling problem that demanded adroit manipulation of limited personnel and transportation facilities. Despite innumerable difficulties the task was accomplished to the satisfaction of division and corps commanders, thus completing an unbroken cycle of successes launched in the snow-covered fields of Belgium on a Christmas Eve that never be forgotten by men of the 290th Infantry.

Victory in Europe Day, 8 May 1945, found the 290th Infantry engaged in the routine duties of occupation. But through the regiment had been in combat a relatively short time, the contribution it had made to the halting of German attempts to prolong the war and the final routing of enemy forces who had proposed to hold the line at all costs could not be dismissed lightly. The Ardennes Campaign, Rhineland and Central Europe - the 290th Infantry had fought gallantly and with distinction in each of these campaigns, the efforts of her fighting sons contributing a brillant chapter to the fighting record compiled by units during World War II.

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