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These pages are published by german historians, that are searching for missing flags. Please help us with this search, we offer informations about the old and the new 75th Inf. Div.
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2010 Reunion of the 75th Division !!!
Time:9-8-2010 thru 9-12-2010
Place:Miami Florida.

Accommodations will be at the
Hotel is the Wyndham at the Airport.

The NEC Meeting will be held from
September 8th trough 12th 2010.
2010 75th Division Veterans Association Reunion The March Bulgebuster did not indicate where the reunion is to be held. Hopefully, someone will inform me and I'll post that information accordingly. The Hotel is the Wyndham at the Airport and is fantastic! The rate is $89.00 / night, Suites are $154.00 to $179.00 / night. The meals are great and the prices very reasonable. All amenities, hospitality room, meeting rooms, etc., are complimentary as usual. There is a shuttle to town from the airport.

Veterans of the 75th visiting Plettenberg/Germany 1997

Veterans of the 75th at the rifle convention while US Military Band playing to honor them

Veterans Joseph D. Karr (167th Sign. Corps), Jack W. Mistler (75th) and Charles Allred (75th) receiving honorary medal

600 years medal
of the rifle
association !
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