Historical US footage 1945:

The following footage was discovered by Rolf G. Wilmink, Germany, 75th Inf Div history investigator. For additional information, contact adress below.Most of the footage is taken around my hometown of D-58840 Plettenberg, Westphalia, Germany, between March and June 1945.

Explanation: CU = Close up, LS = left side ? MS = ?, bg = background, fg = foreground,

75th Division:

US INFANTRY NEAR COMMANSTER (?), Belgium, 23 Jan 1945 (LIB 2473, film no.: ADC3168) MSs, Cus, soldiers of 2nd and 3rd Bn, 289th Regt, 75th Inf Div anvance thru snow-covered forest area.

ATTACK ON ST VITH, Belgium, 24 Jan 1945 (LIB, 2455) VS, soldiers of the 48th Inf Regt, 3rd Bn, 7th Armd Div, some wearing snow capes and white helmets, advance along snow-covered road into the city, LHSs, deployed infantrymen and M-4 tanks move across snow-covered field.

105MM Artillery fire near Rheinburg (D-47495 Rheinberg ?), Germany 15 March 1945 (LIB 4148, film no.: ADC 3595) Seq: Soldiers of 899th Field Artillery Bn, 75th Div unloading shells form vehicle and puting them in dugouts. VS, crew loads and fires 105mm HOW. (Note: we are not sure yet about the town, but the cameraman Raymond W. Daum also noted Rheinberg, near the border to Holland, around 6-7 March 1945.)

Aerial Artillery Observation, D-47441 Moers, Germany, 19 march 1945, (LIB 4149) Avs, damaged town; shell craters in field (scratched)

SIGN PAINTERS, Ickern (part of D-44579 Castrop-Rauxel), Germany (7 April 1945) (LIB 5159, ADC 3904) Seq.: Soldiers of the 289th Inf Regt, 75th Div paint signs on various bridges and bldgs: "You are in Ickern, courtesy of 298th Inf;" "Roses Is Red, Violets Is Blue, the 289th Took Ickern for You, 75th Div." CU, soldier paints "Kaput" on German 88mm AA gun. CU, words on damaged German vehicle alongside highway: "Cooks (scratched out) GI Tour on Hitler's Autobahn". VS, wreckage of city. LSs, MSs, German civilians clean wreckage of damaged bridge. VS, civilians carrying personal belongings cross wrecked bridge.

MAY DAY - Stalag # 6 A (D-58675 Hemer near Iserlohn, Westphalia) (1 May 1945) (LIB 6128, film no.: ADC 1753) HS, MS, Pan, Russian prisoners of war hold May Day celebration in POW camp, Stalag 6A, after liberation by US Forces. CU, Russian soldier carrying sign in Russian and English; "Long live the American Army Which liberated us from Nazi captivity." CUT - still portraits of Stalin, Truman, Churchill, Lenin, Zhukov. LS, speakers platform with portraits of Stalin, Truman and Churchill. LS, US Maj Gen Ray E Porter, CG 75th Inf Div; Maj N Mironof (wearing white uniform) Camp commandant and other russian officials on speakers platform. CUs, assembled Russian prisoners. CUs, Russian nurses march past review stand. Follow shots, Russian army band passes in review. VS, American D rations and cigarettes are issued to released prisoners.

VICTORY PARADE (D-57076 Siegen, Germany) (9 May 1945) (B-1208, film no.: ADC 4426) VS, 75th Div band, halftracks and other vehicles of the 440th AAA Bn, parading thru streets. Note: We have found the cameraman of this footage, T-4 Raymond Witham Daum, (Ser. Number 19164678) 167th Signal Corps, Combat unit 126, in USA ! Also from them same unit, we found the photographer Cpl. Joseph D. Karr ! He has this film listed under the library number 1208. We have a complete list of his films with title, LIB No. and date, but not which military units are filmed. (Important ! Please note that Mr. Daum named our town Plettenberg in a drawing wrongly as "Lettenburg" so please look for this name during research. )

86th Division:

General Eisenhower visits 86th Inf Div D-57439 Attendorn, Germany, 13 April 1945 (LIB 5520, film no.: ADC 4015) VS, recon party of the 86th Inf Div, 343rd Regt in jeeps and M-8 armored light cars prepare to leave area. VS, Five-star Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower and members of the 18th AB group visit 86th Div Hq. CU, General five-star insignia on jeep. LSs, MSs, CUs, large number of German prisoners recently captured in Ruhr Valley pocket are assembled in village. CU, German officers smoking and relaxing. (note: more of the 86th Div hold on request)

99th Division:

Capture of (D-56598) Rheinbrohl, Germany, 19 Mar 45 (LIB 4373) film number: 111 ADC 3634 VS, infantrymen fire small arms at fleeing German soldiers. MSs, Cus, M-4 tank with loudspeaker system attached. MSs, four captured German soldiers run thru streets, followed by US soldiers in jeep. VS, German civilians leave town. Some civilians hold white flagws. MS, HSs, M-4 tank on outskirts of town fires across open field. LS, direct hit on bldg stored with ammunition. Excellent scenes, US soldiers run thru debris-filled streets, followed by tanks. VS, infantrymen and tanks move thru shell-ron town. One tank passes burning vehicle. VS, two civilians holding white flag approache tanks and surrender. MS, infantrymen move thru town searching for snipers. MS, group of civilians gathers in open field, in bg smoke rises from shelled town. (Note:town was taken by Recon Troop A, 18th Cav Sq., 14th Cav Gp, attached to 99th Inf Div.)

Crossing the Wied river (D-53547 Rossbach (Wied), Germany, 23 March 1945 (M-1490, LIB 4513) VS, German civilians entering church for questioning by soldiers. MSs, soldiers of 395th Regt, 99th Div, marching thru shell-torn town. MS, civilians carrying belongings walking along road. MLSs, prisoners leaving church and being lined up. LSs, burning village with wrecked bridge in fg. Dusk, MS, soldiers running across ponton bridge over Wied river into town. MCUs, several wrecked and burning houses. VS, civilians gathering their belongings and going into church. LS, men and vehicles crossing ponton bridge over Wied river. VS, destroyed concrete bridge over river. MSs, soldier unreeling wire and passing it across river.

Infantry and tanks capture german PWs (D-56581 Kurtscheid & D-56579 Bonefeld, Germany) 25 March 1945 (LIB 4668) film no.: 111 ADC 3767-1 MSs, men of 393d Regt, 99th Div, marching prisoners thru streets.of shell-torn town. VS, soldiers climb onto M-4 tanks and move thru streets. MSs, soldiers bring in prisoners and search them. MSs, German soldiers with handup, running twd soldiers to surrender.
US Troops advancing near Lohnen (?) Germany, 25 March 1945 (LIB 4669) VS, trrops of 120th Inf Regt, 30th Div, moving thru wrecked town. MS, soldiers playing harmonica while marching. MS, M-29 Cargo Carrier flying Red Cross flag moving along road. VS, German prisoners being marched thru streets as tanks and vehicles move in opposite direction.

Soldiers of 99th Div enter Wetzlar, Germany , 29 Mar 45 (LIB 4885) film no.: ADC 3877 VS, platoon of infantry of B Co, 3rd Bn, 393 Regt, first element of 99th Inf Div entering city.as citizens watch, German civilians carry their belongings walk along streets past US soldiers. Some try to hide their faces. LS, Ernst Leitz optical factory. US soldiers in fg.

Traffic over Main river (Mülheim, Germany, 29 March 1945 (LIB 4856) VS, vehicles of 90th Div cross temporary bridge over Main River.

US and allied prisoners of war (Wetzlar, Germany, 29 March 1945, LIB 4857) Note: The following scenes were taken at Dulag-Luft, a prisoner-of-war camp for allied airmen near Wetzlar. MCUs, Col Charles W Stark of Orlando, Folrida senior officer at camp and Lt Commander Rober E. Jennings of US Navy.

Town and Factory, Aue, Germany, 6 April 1945 (LIB 5206, film no.: ADC 3923) VS, vehicles of 99th Div Sector, 393rd Regt, travel thru wet and muddy streets on outskirts of town. Civilians, some carrying their belongings, walk along street. LMSs, rubble,destroyed bldgs; burst water pipe sends out stream of water. LS, surburban street with US tank parked on road. A tank in bg backs into a driveway.

7th Armored Div, (D-57368 Lennestadt-Oedingen,Germany,10 apr. 1945 (LIB 5307) film number: 11 DC 942 LS, MS, tank moving into position on street. RVs, infantrymen of 99th Div push thru town past burning bldgs. and debris.Tank destroyer (M-10 motor carriage) halted at coner near church. MS, infantrymen of armored division are silhouetted as they go over high point of territory. LS, burning buildings. CU, German rifle lying in stream. LS, MS, German civilians with their belongings in yard in front of building. LS, infantrymen atop tank as it enters town. LSs to MSs, burning US tank in backyard of home; clothes on line in fg.

General Eisenhower visits 99th Div (Fretter (correct: D-57413 Finnentrop-Fretter) Germany, 13 April 1945 (LIB 5424, film no.: ADC 4015) MSs, Cus, jeep bearing 5-star Gen Dwight D Eisenhower and 4-star Gen Omar N Bradley puls up to camera. MSs, Cus, Gen Eisenhower, Supreme Allied Commander, Gen Bradley, 12th Army Group commander; Lt. Gen Courtney H Hodges, FUSA Commander; Maj Gen James A Van Fleet, III Corps Commander, and Maj Gen Walter E. Lauer, 99th Inf Div.greeting each other outside of Div bldg. CU Gen Eisenhower leaves bldg and enters jeep. CU, Gen Einsenhower seated in Jeep, waves to enlisted men as he departs.

"I" Co takes hill (LIB 5498, film no.: ADC 4146) (D-58791) Werdohl, Germany (about 20 min away from me) 14 April 1945 MS, soldiers of I Co, 3rd Bn, 393rd Inf Regt, 99th Inf Div, move up hill and thru wooded area near city. MCU, soldiers crouched in woods.

Tanks, Infantry (LIB 5498) Westengel (?), Germany (Westenfeld near D-59846 Sundern ?) 11 April 1945 MS, Cus, infantrymen of the 80th armd Inf Bn aboard tanks of the 9th Armd Div drive thru the town and along roads.

German Prisoners and Surrender of German Tank BN (LIB 5683, film no.: ADC 4206) Sundwig and Iserichn (correct: D-58636 Iserlohn), Germany, 16 Apr 1945 (877´ silent) MSs, German soldiers pile their arms and ammunition on ground. VS, German tiger tanks, loaded with German soldiers, and other vehicles move slowly thru the town square surrendering to troops of the 99th Inf Div. MSs, CU, German tankmen standing in formation. Seq: German tank commander, Lt. Ernst, surrenders his men to a US officer. LSs, MSs, CU, convoy of trucks loaded with German prisoners moves out of area. MSs, Cus, German prisoners loading onto trucks under supervision of US soldiers.

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World WAR II Combat cameramans’s list of subject filmed for US army Signal corps
Original stock was 35 mm nitrate - Locale: European Theather, Now chronological listing. 
Cameraman: 	T-4 Raymond W. Daum, Ser. Number 19164678
		167th Signal Photo Corps, Combat Unit 126
		current adress: Carmel, CA, USA (hold on request)

Date: 	     Title: 						LIB No.:
04 Nov 44    Front Line Chow					449
22 Nov 44    Preparing for Drive				663
28 Nov 44    "105" Howitzer					978
30 Nov 44    Btn. Aid Station					1021
03 Dec 44    Roerdorf,(?) Germany				1082
06 Dec 44    Rest area						1176
06 Dec 44    Prisoners of War, Welz (D-52441 Linnich), Germany	1065
08 Dec 44    Dutch prisoners					1229
09 Dec 44    Ubach, Germany (D-52531 Uebach-Palenberg)		1242
10 Dec 44    Anglo-American players				1247
11 Dec 44    German civilians					1289
16 Dec 44    Bridge construction				1360
18 Dec 44    GI trim Xmas tree					1461
22 Dec 44    Field artillery digs in				1575
23 Dec 44    Mechanized Cavalry					1576
24 Dec 44    Laying of mines					1585
25 Dec 44    Gas masks-Xmas in Beeck and Wuerm (D-52511 Geilenkirchen)1613
28 Dec 44    Border inspection					1723
30 Dec 44    German equipment and munitions			1741
31 Dec 44    Aerial reconaissance over german lines from 1-4 planes   1792
01 Jan 45    GI’s ice skate					1787
10 Jan 45    Prummern, Germany (D-52511 Geilenkirchen)		2152
15 Jan 45    Germany equipment					2235
18 Jan 45    Meterology						2391
24 Jan 45    Actress Katharine Cornell Entertains GI’s		2476
25 Jan 45    Actor Brian Aherne visits troops			2492
25 Jan 45    Brachelen, Germany   (D-41836 Hückelhoven)		2503
29 Jan 45    Randerath Coverage   (D-52525 Heinsberg)		2594
30 Jan 45    Randerath, Germany   (D-52525 Heinsberg)		2590
19 Feb 45    Front line training				3134
25 Feb 45    Tanks firing					3352
26 Feb 45    Tanks in action					3430
26 Feb 45    35th Div takes Hillfarth (?)					3430
28 Feb 45    Moving up for attack				3480
01 Mar 45    Reactions of german civilians			3538
02 Mar 45    Venlo, Holland					3638
03 Mar 45    Reconaissance					3608
04 Mar 45    We contact british troops				3688
05 Mar 45    Spearhead tankers					3701
06 Mar 45    Moving into Rhineberg 	(D-47495 Rheinberg)	3767
06 Mar 45    Negro tankers moving into Rhineberg (D-47495 Rheinberg) 3767
07 Mar 45    Rhineberg, Germany		(D-47495 Rheinberg)	3823
24 Mar 45    Rhine River (Fluß Rhein)				4610
26 Mar 45    Bridge at Wesel	(D-46485 Wesel/Rhein)		4943
30 Apr 45    Displaced persons					6146
05 May 45    Siegen, Germany (D-57076 Siegen)			6648
05 May 45    Military government in (D-57076) Siegen, Germany	6821
09 May 45    Victory Parade (in D- 57076 Siegen, Germany)	1208 film no.: ADC 4426
11 May 45    Restoration of Beethoven museum			6589