75th Infantry Division (WWII)

Missing flags from 1843 and 1866

  • This is a reconstruction of the "Queen Elisabeth Flag" from 1843. It has nothing to do with the Nazis. Who can tell us where this flag is today? We would like to buy this flag back or invite today's owner to germany.

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To Whom It May Concern:

For the city history book, we are looking for documents, photos, films and informations concerning the 75th Division in our town Plettenberg, Westphalia, West-Germany, between April 20th and June 6th 1945. We are also looking for: Lt Howard Babbitt, S-Sgt Donald Hunt, T-4 Raymond Daum, T-5 Armand Guinn of the 167th Signal Photo Corps, Combat Unit 126, who were in our area and taking pictures. We have contact to one of the photographers, Cpl. Joseph D. Karr, living in Michigan !

In 1843 the "Plettenberger Schützengesellschaft 1836 e.V.", a german traditional rifle association, was awarded an honorary flag by the german Queen Elizabeth of Prussia, wife of King Friedrich Wilhelm IV.

Description: White silk. Side one : City-Emblem on a blue background surrounded by a wreath of oak leaves.

Side two: Initials of the Queen under a crown in a blue field.

This flag, together with others, was declared missing on May 8, 1945, at the end of World War II. It is assumed that these flags were turned to authorities of the following US Occupation Force stationed from April 20th until June 6th, 1945 in Plettenberg/Westphalia/West-Germany:

9th US-Army, 16. Corps,

75th Infantry Division, (289, 290, 291 Inf.Reg.),

Fifth Section of the General Staff

Official Allied Expeditionary Force, Military Government

Staff members of this unit who might have knowledge of this and perhaps contribute some information were:

Major Robert M. Miller, (headquarter commandant)

Major Bach, (military town-commander May 1945)

Lt. Col. Robert T. Engle (Adjutant General)
Capt. John E. Clark, 2D Military Government Regiment, Det H2E3 - MGO -
Captain Frank R. Bolte (Judge Advocate)
Major Herbert B. Keller (Signal Officer)
Major Alex G. Sutton jr. (Engineer Officer)
Lt. Col. Arthur J. Bivons (Quartermaster Off.)
Major Charles S. LeCraw (Provost Marshal)
Lt. Col. William J. Cashin (G 1)
Lt. Col. George C. Dewey (G 2)
Lt. Col. Robert C. Dean (G 3)
Lt. Col. John W. Dean jr. (G 4)
Lt. Col. Hugh O. Davis (G 5)
Major Baker / Sgt ? Hans Bauer, Philadelphia, (Military Intelligence Service) / Mr. Goldberg ("Goldi")/ S/Sgt. R.E. Rosenthal, N.Y.C. (Military Intelligence Service) / Pvt. Harry M. James, MP (St. Louis, MO) / Sgt. Elmer Rouse (Rosi ? Rosy?) / Cpl. Mahacek / Lt. Reissig, (MP officer) / 1st Lt. John W. Mistler / Mr. Loring ? / Mr. Hustenford / Mr. Ingersoll / Mr. Fenster / Mr. Ried / Capt. Sears /Lt. Williams / Lt. Murphy / Sgt. Tipke Military doctor: Major Fellows (Unit was also known under the nickname: "Diaper Division".)

The following units were also activ in our area at April 12./13.1945:

86th Div. ("Blackhawks"), 343rd US-Infantryregiment coming from Herscheid

99nd US-Infantry Division, 393rd Inf.Reg., assigned to III.Corps, 1st Army, moving along Lenne-River heading Altena. Both units had nothing to do with the flags or the chain.
Additional flags missing are:

The 1866-flag (inscription: "Unseren ruhmgekrönten Kriegern 1866")

The Youth rifle association flag of 1936.

The old mayors chain got lost April 22nd. 1945. (photo chain = 9 kb)

Any help of locating veterans of these units or any information (G2 & G5 reports of the 75th Div.) on the whereabouts of the flags and the chain will be greatly appreciated.

Who can do research in the National Archives, Washington ?

Today's owner of the flag (or chain), willing to return it to the rifle association, has the opportunity of selling it back or to be invited to Plettenberg as a guest of honour for a vacation, all expenses paid. He would also have a chance to present the flag in a glorious celebration before the thousand members of the association, perhaps in conjunction with a US military band.

In addition, any person who could give important information will receive a free gift from the association.

Please do not hesitate to contact me under the following adress:

Rolf G. Wilmink, P.O. Box 1652,
D- 58816 Plettenberg / Westphalia
Phone: +49-2391-3945
Fax: +49-2391-3706

e-mail: office@mkw-security.de (update: May 4th, 2010   ©Plettenberg-Lexikon)

Please give, fax or e-mail this flyer also to other people who might could help. Thanks !


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