75th Infantry Division (WWII)

Important Documents
and Adresses

We have more documents in our archives than we can put in our Web-server. Here is a list of some of these documents. Tell us what you got, we enclose it ! Tell us what you need, we fax it !

1.) Index of documents pertaining the 75th Inf. Div. (WWII) at the National Archives
In the records of the Adjutant General´s Office, 1917 - (Record Group 407) are approximately 41,000 pages of records pertaining to the 75th Infantry Division during WWII. The NA cannot undertake the extensive research necessary to identify the exact documents somebody needs. It is possible to visit the NA and do the reseach themself. The adress: National Archives, Suitland Reference Branch (NNRR), Washington National Records Center, 4205 Suitland Road, Suitland, MD. We can fax you the index list, if you want to do research there. Please then look for 75th HQ, April, May, June, in Plettenberg, Westphalia, Germany, and the names on our search list. We can refund some expenses, if you copy documents for us.

2.) After Action Report April 1945
This lists attached and relieved units, strength, stations of Div. HQ and Rear Echelon, Marches, Cam-paigns, Commanding Officers, Division Staff, Losses in action, Awards and Decorations, Unit Awards, Inclosures (Appendix 1 - 10), Maps. (Signed: Lt. Col. Robert T. Engle, Adjutant General)

3.) After Action Report 1 May to 8 May 1945
This lists attached and relieved units, strength, stations (Plettenberg: L-53 G099909), Commanding Officers, Division Staff, Awards and Decorations. (Signed: Lt. Col.Robert T. Engle)

4.) The 75th Infantry Division in Combat
The Battle in the Ardennes 23 Dec 1944 - 27 Jan 1945
The Colmar Pocket Battle 30 Jan 1945 - 09 Feb 1945
The Battle for the Ruhr 31 Mar 1945 - 15 Apr 1945
This reprint presented to the members of the 75th Division Veterans Assembly in 1995 on the 50th Anniversary of World War II by Benjamin I. Twigg.

5.) 75th Division Veterans Association.
Roster of all members About 2,000 veterans of the 75th with their actual adresses !

6.) 75th Infantry Veterans Association
49th Annual Reunion, 1995 Convention Photobooklet of attendees, June 29 - July 1, 1995, Stouffer Concourse Hotel, Atlanta, GA.

7.) "Bulgebusters"
Official Publication of the 75th Inf. Div. Vets. Assn (Contact: James E. Warmouth, Secretary, 6545 W. 11th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46214)

8.) "The Bulge Bugle"
Official Publication of the Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge, Inc. (Contact: VBOB, P.O.Box 11129, Arlington, Virginia 22210-2129)

9.) Stalag VI A, Hemer, (near Iserlohn), Germany
This POW-camp was freed by the 75th Inf. Div., we have two german books and a videotape.

10.) "Entscheidungsschlacht an Rhein und Ruhr" by Helmut Euler
Fantastic book with many photos about the last fights in the Rhine/Ruhr area. Includes photos of the 75th Div., taken by Cpl. Joseph D. Karr, 167th Signal Photo Corps. We have contact to the author !

11.) "Der grosse Kessel" (The big pot) by Willi Mues
Very accurate book about the last fights in Germany, 924 pages, lots of photos and maps.

12.) "From Breckinridge To Braunlauf" by Tom Leamon (Covering Ardennes Campaign)
A Memoir / Study from 15 Oct. 1944 - 30 Jan 1945. Author was member of First Battalion, 289th Regiment, Weapons Platoon, „A" company, 75th Infantry Division. We have contact to him.

13.) "An American Life" by John Mistler
Author was member of the Div HQ, 75th Div. He was in Plettenberg 1945, we have good contact to him.

14.) "A G.I. Remembers" by Albert C. Walsh
Author was member of "C" Company, 291st Infantry Regiment, 75th Div. and wrote about his time in Europe. We have contact to the author.

15.) United States Army Veterans´ Associations 1993
Published by the Department of the Army, Pentagon, lists all Veterans Associations

16.) "How to locate anyone who is or has been in the Military" by Lt. Col. Richard S. Johnson Very helpful book with lots of adresses for research purposes. A must !

17.) "The 2nd Military Government Regiment"
Traveling with 2nd MGR showing locations and dates of arrival of the companies, detachments and officers of the regiment. Lots of towns in Ger., Bel. and France with names of officers. We received this list and the following material from James T. Controvich, 97 Mayfield St., Springfield, MA 01108-3535, E-Mail: contro@ix.netcom.com Contact him ! Great guy, specialist for unit historys !!

18.) Order of Battle of the United States Army WWII, ETO, Divisions
Statistic Material about the 75th Inf. Div.

19.) First United States Army
Report of Operations, 23 Feb - 8 May 1945 (+ Annex No. 1)

20.) "Battle Babies" The Story of the 99th Inf. Div. in WWII

21.) 393d Infantry in Review

22.) "Semper Fidelis", 11th Infantry Regiment, Fifth Infantry Division

23.) "The Phantom Corps" Story of III Corps

24.) "99th Infantry Division" by Dr. Myron J. Smith, Salem College, US Army Mil. Hist. Inst.

25.) Photos:
Cpl. Joseph D. Karr was with the 167th Signal Photo Corps. In April and May 45, he took pictures of the 75th in the Westphalia area. We found Mr. Karr in USA and got photos, that have never been in military archives. He is very, very helpful ! Adress hold on request.

26.) Pictorial History of the 75th Infantry Division, 1946
Army & Navy Publishing Company - A book full of photos from lots of towns in Germany, Holland, Switzerland, France and Belgium !

27.) The 75th Division still exists !!
If you want to know more about the actual Division and want to visit the Museum of the 75th Infantry Division, contact:
Department of the Army
75th Division (Exercise)
1850 Old Spanish Trail
Houston, Texas 77054-2025

If you have any questions or if you can help us with documents, contact us:
Rolf G. Wilmink
P. O. Box 1652
D-58816 Plettenberg, Westphalia, West-Germany
Voice: (+49) 2391-3945
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